About Thanu

Hello! My name is Thanu Thaven and I am an Eyebrow and Eyelash Specialist, Educator, and Founder of Faces by Thanu. I started my journey in Aesthetics in 2018 as a Lash Artist and soon became established in Brow Artistry. I have a background in makeup, which has helped pave my way into the Permanent Makeup Industry. I am 6x certified and have done over 800+ clients and 3000+ procedures.

I specialize in creating natural-looking brows. Personalized Brow Design is my area of expertise; I create your Perfect Brows according to your facial dimensions, and skin and hair color theory. I understand the power of perfectly shaped brows. It not only enhances and defines your overall face, but can also make you look younger! My goal is to always meet or exceed my client’s expectations. As an Artist, I make sure my clients are comfortable and happy with their results.

I have worked in Sales and Marketing for the majority of my life, and have a Business Degree. However, the field of Aesthetics has always been my passion. I love the feeling I get from helping women feel beautiful and confident. I managed to make time for my passion as a part-time freelance Makeup Artist. In 2018, I was able to create an opportunity to go full force into the World of Cosmetics with my knowledge of Business and passion for Beauty.

The motivation behind Faces by Thanu is my daughter! I stepped into the world of Beauty when I was pregnant in hopes of having a work-life balance for her, alongside pursuing my passion! I am all about women’s empowerment; this Brand was motivated by a daughter, created by a mother, to help illuminate the beauty within all women.

My attention to detail and perfectionism have helped serve my goal as an Artist, which is to help all my clients feel more beautiful inside and out through the experience at Faces by Thanu. My goal as an Educator is to help aspiring Artists grow into passionate and successful Business owners!

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