Combination Brows also referred to as Hybrid Brows are an innovative combination of two popular semi-permanent makeup techniques: Microblading or Nano Strokes and microshading. This approach gives individuals the best of both worlds by combining precision from hair strokes with soft shading from microshading – offering individuals both precision and soft shading at once creating an eye-catching and stylish brows. This produces beautifully shaped, defined eyebrows while maintaining natural-looking shapes and forms. The end result: flawless, beautiful eyebrows! “


Low Maintenance: Enjoy beautifully shaded brows without the daily makeup routine – Combination Brows eliminate the need for pencils or powders!

Customization: Your Combination Brows artist can tailor the colour, shape and style of the brows to meet both your personal preferences and facial structure.

Quick Procedure: The Combination Brows procedure is time and cost-efficient; typically lasting just two or three hours during its initial session.

Minimal Discomfort: Clients often report minimal discomfort during procedures due to topical numbing creams used during this step of their care process.


Understanding the Combination Brows procedure before embarking upon it is of utmost importance. Here’s what to expect during an appointment:

Consultation: Your journey starts off right by meeting with an expert Combination Brows artist for an initial consultation session. Here, you’ll discuss your eyebrow goals, preferred style preferences, questions or any concerns that you might have as well as being evaluated on facial features that make up who you are as an individual and recommendations tailored specifically for you.

Color Selection: When working with your artist, select an ideal pigment color to complement either your natural brow shade or achieve the look that best meets your desires.

Numbing Cream Application: Prior to commencing any procedure, an anti-numbing cream will be applied directly to the eyebrow area in order to provide maximum comfort during treatment.

Mapping and Design: Your artist carefully maps out your desired shape and design of brows by considering facial proportions as well as the natural contours of your face.

Pigment Application: When it comes to creating Combination Brows, the procedure begins with Microblading whereby an artist uses a handheld tool and fine needles to mimic hair-like strokes for precise hair-like lines on your brow. After completion of Microblading, Powder Brows are added using either an automated machine or manual application tool for a soft shading effect.

Healing and Aftercare: Following any procedure, it’s crucial that you follow your artist’s aftercare instructions as closely as possible. This means avoiding excessive moisture exposure, UV radiation exposure or picking at treated areas; over the following few weeks you might see some initial darkening but this should lighten to achieve your desired shade over time.

Touch-Up Session: Following initial treatment, touch-up appointments typically occur 4-6 weeks post. At these visits, any necessary modifications to further perfect the shape and colour of Combination Brows can be addressed during this appointment.

Guide to choosing your artist 

Selecting an experienced combination brows artist is key to achieving amazing results, here are a few pointers on finding one:

Investigate: To start off your research process for Combination Brows, first identify local artists specializing in this process. Review online portfolios and client testimonials in order to assess their skill, client service levels and overall client satisfaction ratings.

Credentials: Be certain the artist holds all necessary certifications and licenses necessary for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup procedures, adhering to high hygiene and safety standards.

Consultation: Arrange for an initial meeting with your chosen artist to discuss goals and gauge his or her understanding of your preferences and communication styles.

Portfolio: Ask to see before and after photos of their past Combination Brows work as this will give an indication of their style and expertise.

Client Testimonials: Reading testimonials from past clients of an artist provides insight into their experiences and levels of satisfaction with his/her services.

Ask Questions: Never hesitate to pose queries related to the procedure, aftercare or any concerns that might arise during treatment. A reputable artist should offer clear and informative answers.

Trust Your Instincts: Select an artist whom you feel at ease working with. Trust your instincts when selecting an art professional who best aligns with your vision.

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