Brow Correction (or Brow Restoration, as it is known) is an increasingly popular field in semi-permanent makeup that serves individuals who have experienced eyebrow tattooing or microblading mishaps. This guide explores all aspects of eyebrow tattoo Correction including procedures, reasons, benefits and aftercare considerations along with finding skilled correction artists near you.


Eyebrow Correction also known as Brow Restoration, serves individuals who have experienced eyebrow tattooing or microblading mishaps, giving individuals an opportunity to regain confidence in their eyebrows. It is a crucial service that can help fix previous PMU Eyebrows that were incorrectly done, or have changed over time, such as uneven shape or color. Colour Correction is a technique that can help correct any discoloration or pigment issues caused by previous microblading or cosmetic tattooing procedures. This includes brows that have turned blue, gray, red, yellow, green or purple.

If you require Eyebrow Correction services, it’s important to find a qualified and experienced Artist who can provide customized correction solutions. It is important to first receive approval with the Artist before booking for a Brow Correction, by sending a picture of your current eyebrows. Not all old brow mistakes can be fixed, as some may require removal process such as laser treatments before we can do a brow cover up.


There are various reasons for individuals seeking Brow Correction services:

Colour Inconsistencies: Some clients may experience problems with the pigment colour used during previous eyebrow tattooing/microblading procedures, leading to unevenly pigmented brows that appear too dark, light, or any combination thereof. This could result in too dark, light, or unevenly-hued eyebrows.

Shape Irregularities: Eyebrow shape plays an integral role in facial symmetry and overall aesthetics, making eyebrow correction essential. By correcting irregularities such as asymmetry or misalignments of arches, eyebrow Correction can bring balance back into facial structures.

Unfavourable Results: Clients may occasionally be dissatisfied with the outcome of their eyebrow tattoo or microblading treatment, making a change necessary in order to improve results into more desirable ones. Brow Correction can assist in turning previously undesirable outcomes into desired ones.

Fading and Blurring: Over time, semi-permanent makeup may fade or blur, leading to less defined or inconsistent brows. With Brow Correction‘s expertise in rejuvenating existing tattoos or microblading services, refresh and enhance existing microblading or tattooed designs are revitalized to regain their former appearances.

Tattoo Removal: Sometimes individuals wish to completely get rid of an existing eyebrow tattoo or microblading treatment, which Brow Correction can assist in doing. By altering pigment for a more natural aesthetic.

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