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Nano Brows, also known as Nano blading, is recently a popular form of PMU Eyebrows. It is an alternative method to Microblading to create hair like strokes. This technique is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. It involves using the same hand held machine used for powder brows to create small, precise hair-like strokes in the skin using a fine needle. This technique is used to create a natural-looking brow shape and fill in sparse areas for a fuller appearance.


There are multiple compelling arguments in favour of choosing Nano Brows as your semi-permanent makeup solution:

Hyper-Realistic Results: Nano Brows are famed for their lifelike look; each stroke mimicking natural eyebrow hairs for maximum realism.

Precision: With ultra-fine needles and careful technique, this service ensures the perfect shaping of brows symmetrical to their natural state.

Nano Brows offer long-term eyebrow solutions; typically lasting two years without needing touch-ups. Nano Brows offer semi-permanence solutions for your eyebrow needs!

Minimal Discomfort: Most clients experience minimal discomfort during a treatment session due to the gentle needling motion and topical numbing creams used during this procedure.

Suited for All Skin Types: Nano brows can benefit all types of skin, even oily ones, due to the fine strokes which make up these artificial lashes being less likely to blur over time and fade with use.

Customization: With their expertise and skills in crafting Nano Brows to meet each customer’s desired colour, shape and style preferences as well as facial features, your artist can design personalized brows that perfectly adorn you!

Quick Procedure: The Nano Brows procedure is fast-tracked; typically taking around two or three hours for its initial session.


Being well-informed before undertaking the Nano Brows procedure is of utmost importance before embarking upon it. Here’s what to expect at your appointment:

Consultation: Your journey starts off right by meeting with an experienced Nano Brows artist for a consultation session, during which time you can discuss your desired eyebrow goals, preferred style preferences and any queries or concerns you might have about them. They’ll assess your facial structure before providing recommendations tailored specifically to suit you!

Color Selection: Working closely with your artist, you will select an ideal pigment color to either enhance the natural brow shade of your own or achieve the look that best matches it.

Before beginning, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your eyebrow area in order to provide maximum comfort during treatment.

Mapping and Design: Your artist will carefully map out the desired shape and design of your brows to take into account facial proportions as well as the natural contours of the face.

Pigment Application: With a handheld tool featuring ultra-fine needles, an artist carefully draws hair-like strokes using pigment in an effort to blend each stroke in with natural eyebrow hairs and deposit pigment into your skin. This meticulous process guarantees each stroke looks indistinguishable from natural eyebrow hairs and deposits pigment into them without creating visible lines in between each one.

Healing and Aftercare: After your procedure is completed, it’s essential that you strictly abide by the aftercare instructions from your artist. This may involve avoiding excessive moisture intake and sun exposure as well as picking at treated areas. In the following weeks, you may see initial darkening but this should gradually lighten to match desired tones over time.

Touch-Up Session: Following initial treatment, touch-up appointments typically occur 4-6 weeks post. In these appointments, any necessary modifications to optimize shape and colour can be made as part of this appointment to create the ultimate Nano Brow look.

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