You have probably heard the term “volume Lash Extensions” or maybe even “3D volume eyelash extensions”. Both terms relate to volume lashing, which is, exactly what it sounds like – adding lots of volume to your healthy, natural lashes. Volume eyelash extensions are multiple extensions that are fanned and layered per lash. These are customized according to the client’s desired look. The more the fan, the fluffier the look! Volume eyelash extensions are made possible because volume lashes are lighter and fluffier than the lash extensions used for the Classic technique. A Classic eyelash extension may typically be 0.15 or 0.20 in thickness while a volume lash is much lighter and very fine, usually around a 0.05-0.07mm thickness. You will also have a choice of thickness and length. This allows you to achieve adjust the look from natural to dramatic. Volume Eyelash Extensions are also recommended for those with sparse, fine, or weak lashes.


This is the best option for achieving the full and fluffy look. Your eyelash specialists will begin to cover each one of your natural lashes with around three to five supplemental lashes. This will give you a maximized volume and a lovely look.