Before your brow appointment, follow our pre care instructions, such as avoiding blood-thinning medications, alcohol, and caffeine. Arrive with clean skin, free of makeup and moisturizers. These essential steps ensure optimal results and a smooth process for achieving your dream brows.


1. Please read ‘Are you a qualified candidate for PMU Brows’ to confirm that you are a suitable candidate before booking.

2. Avoid Cosmetic fillers/ Botox around the eye and forehead area for (1 MONTH)
Botox/fillers manipulates the position of the skin and will have an affect on the symmetry of the brows; It is recommended to get Botox/fillers 2 weeks after your brow appointment as the Brow Tattoo has longer lasting results compared to Botox/fillers. This will eliminate asymmetrical brows when the Botox/fillers wear off.

3. Avoid using skin thinners such as Vitamin A, Glycolics, intense Exfoliants, Retin-A, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Peels and Laser treatment for (1 MONTH)
The skin will be too sensitive to work on and may cause unnecessary damage alongside poor pigment retention.

4. Avoid extreme sun exposure and tanning for (2 WEEKS)
The sun may cause damage to the skin; we recommend allowing our body to heal the damage prior to your appointment. Tanning hides the top layer of our skin preventing pigment to be inserted correctly.

5. Avoid blood thinners such as Alcohol and Caffeine, Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and Ibuprofen for (3 DAYS)
Alcohol, caffeine and blood thinners increase blood pressure causing the skin to be more sensitive. This can cause excess bleeding, oozing, and swelling during the procedure, resulting in excess trauma to the skin. This will have an effect on the healed results.

6. Avoid exercise for (24 HOURS)
After a workout, our body heats up and can cause our pores to expand. At the same time, it can elevate our blood pressure. This adds more sensitivity to the skin affecting how the skin retains the pigment.


1. Please ensure you follow all Pre care instructions BEFORE your appointment.

2. Please notify your Artist of any allergies/sensitivities to ingredients.

3. Please come in with freshly washed eyes with no makeup for your Lash Appointment.

4. Appointments are confirmed upon receiving a nonrefundable deposit.

5. No Shows, cancellation within 48hours, and failure to follow precare will forfeit their deposit. You are able to reschedule once in case of emergency or illness.

6. The average person requires two sessions to create the Perfect Brows.

During the first session, we will choose the best brow technique, shape, colour and placement and create the brows.

Your second session, which is called a touchup appointment, will be done 6 weeks after your first session. During this session, we will touchup up any area that requires more colour and patch up any imperfections.

Results can heal 20-40% lighter, and vary based on client’s skin, body and health. Our body can degrade and/or push out the pigment affecting the retention of the pigment. Results can vary client to client.