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Microblading has become a popular beauty trend in recent years, offering a semi-permanent solution for perfect eyebrows. If you’re in Milton, Ontario, and searching for the best microblading studios in the area, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top 10 microblading studios in Milton for 2023, discussing their services, microblading cost in Milton Canada, and why you should consider them for your eyebrow enhancement needs.

1. Faces by Thanu

Faces by Thanu in Milton stands out as a premier microblading studio offering the Best Microblading in Milton and unparalleled expertise. Thanu herself has years of experience and is widely known for creating natural yet stunning eyebrow enhancements.

Faces by Thanu offers an assortment of microblading services in Milton. Their services cover microblading, permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup applications; whether you need expertly-sculpted eyebrows, long-wear eyeliner that won’t smudge or lip blush that enhances natural beauty – Faces by Thanu has what you need for perfect eyebrow sculpting, no smudgy eyeliner application and exceptional customer care – making this studio one of the go-to spots when looking for microblading in Milton! Their competitive prices and exceptional customer care make Faces by Thanu an outstanding choice among microblading providers!

2.Glam Brow Studio

Glam Brow Studio in Milton provides another exceptional option for microblading services. Their team of skilled technicians specialize in helping their customers realize their ideal eyebrows through microblading or ombre powder brow options – you’re bound to find one that perfectly encases you!

Glam Brow Studio stands out as Milton’s premier microblading provider due to its competitive prices without compromising on quality or its dedication to perfection. They have garnered the respect of both clients and professionals in Milton.

3.Brow Bliss Studio

Brow Bliss Studio of Milton is an undiscovered gem, offering Eyebrow Microblading in Milton and semi-permanent makeup services in an intimate yet cosy atmosphere. Their experienced artists take time to get to know your preferences before providing results that exceed expectations.

Brow Bliss Studio provides services beyond eyebrow microblading such as eyeliner enhancement and lip blush application to ensure each of their clients leaves with perfectly shaped, natural-looking eyebrows.

4.Beauty Defined Studio

Beauty Defined Studio in Milton is well known for its commitment to helping enhance natural beauty. Their wide array of services – microblading and semi-permanent makeup among others – is performed by highly-experienced technicians.

Beauty Defined Studio’s prices make microblading affordable, making the service accessible to a wider range of individuals. Their focus on customer care has made Beauty Defined a favorite among Milton residents.

5.Perfect Arch Studio

Perfect Arch Studio offers microblading and eyebrow shaping to achieve the ideal eyebrow arch shape for you. Their team specializes in microblading to ensure symmetrical and well-defined eyebrows.

Perfect Arch Studio boasts talented artists using cutting-edge techniques and premium products for stunning microblading results at competitive rates, making Perfect Arch Studio an excellent option for anyone seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

Microblading in Miltion

6.Flawless Finish Studio

Flawless Finish Studio delivers on its name by offering unparalleled microblading and permanent makeup services, and its team of specialists take great pleasure in helping their clients attain long-lasting, flawless results.

At their studio, clients can receive microblading, eyeliner application and lip blush application services – with expert precision and artistry guaranteeing they leave with exactly the look they were going for!

7.Divine Brow Studio

Divine Brow Studio of Milton is another outstanding choice for microblading services in Milton. Their highly trained technicians specialize in improving natural beauty through eyebrow microblading and other semi-permanent makeup services, with microblading being their focus area of speciality.

Divine Brow Studio provides competitive pricing and excellent attention to detail – ideal whether it is your first experience of microblading or you need regular touch-up sessions. They have everything from initial microblading sessions all the way through touch-up appointments.

8.Sculpted Beauty Studio

Sculpted Beauty Studio provides an array of beauty services, such as microblading, in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Their talented artists specialize in shaping exquisite eyebrows that enhance facial features.

Studio Commitment To High-Quality Products Our dedication to using only premium-grade microblading products ensures natural yet long-term microblading results for you.

9.Elegance Brow Studio

Elegance Brow Studio specialises in eyebrow microblading and shaping services, their team of expert technicians works together to enhance your natural beauty by giving you perfectly sculpted brows that last all year round.

Microblading Studio of Milton offers competitive microblading pricing to make microblading accessible to a broad spectrum of clients, while their commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction distinguishes them.

10.Beauty Mark Studio

Beauty Mark Studio of Milton is known as an expert provider of microblading and permanent makeup services, including microblading and eyeliner enhancement, that aim to bring out the natural beauty in their clients. They offer various microblading and Permanent makeup in Milton Canada options designed to do exactly this.

Beauty Mark Studio artists are well known for their meticulousness and dedication, offering excellent microblading services at reasonable rates. For anyone in search of top-quality microblading solutions, Beauty Mark Studio makes an outstanding choice!

Concluding Statement

Milton, Ontario offers many top 10 studios that specialize in microblading and semi-permanent Make-Up in Milton Canada that offer outstanding options when it comes to microblading and semi-permanent makeup services for natural beautification with exceptional pricing options and outstanding results from microblading/semi-permanent makeup, such as Faces by Thanu (ranks #1 on this list of 3 studios for customer satisfaction and excellence in service delivery) who can enhance natural beauty to give the brows you have always desired! You can feel assured knowing you are in expert hands when commencing your microblading journey in Milton!


1.What is the Average Price for Microblading?

The average price for microblading varies widely, but it typically ranges from $300 to $800 in the United States. Prices may vary depending on location, the expertise of the technician, and additional services included.

2.How much does Microblading Cost in Ontario?

Microblading costs in Ontario, Canada, are also variable, with prices generally ranging from $300 to $600. It’s essential to consult with local practitioners for specific pricing information.

3.How long does Microblading Last?

Microblading typically lasts for 1 to 3 years, depending on factors like skin type, aftercare, and individual variations. Touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the desired eyebrow appearance.

4.How Painful is Microblading?

The level of pain experienced during microblading varies among individuals. Most clients describe it as mild discomfort or slight stinging, often manageable with topical numbing creams used during the procedure.

5.How many Sessions is Microblading?

Microblading usually involves two sessions. The initial session creates the desired brow shape, while a follow-up appointment, often scheduled 4-6 weeks later, allows for adjustments and enhances the results. Additional touch-up sessions may be required for long-term maintenance.

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